About us

VOM FASS translates literally to "from the cask", and this is the main concept of the brand. Some clients describe us as the candy store for grown-ups! VOM FASS houses the widest selection of the finest fruit vinegars matured in wood barrels, exquisite virgin olive oils, with herb extracts and with citric fruit extracts. A wide selection of seed and nut oils, exclusive liqueurs and an incredible choice of spirits, all sold directly from the cask.

The concept of buying straight from the cask will bring you back to that beautiful tradition when we used to buy directly from the producer. It's like going back in time, but with the advantages of production, care and hygiene of the present.

Our experience, passion for our products, knowledge and our advice on how to use them will guarantee a five star culinary creation that will impress even the most demanding gourmet.

Our customers love the concept and it is rewarding to us to see them explaining their VOM FASS experience to their families and friends.

How it all started

Shortly after taking over his father´s import business in the picturesque village of Waldburg in south Germany, Johannes Kiderlen (VOM FASS CEO) reorganized his shops to focus only on five key products: fruit vinegars, exquisite oils, selected wines, outstanding liqueurs and exclusive spirits. The concept of tasting and sampling the fine products and having the choice of the amount and the type of bottle is what has contributed to the success VOM FASS enjoys from its loyal clientele.

The knowledge Johannes gained in developing his shops evolved into his company´s guiding mission - ONLY the very best ingredients that can be found are used in the manufacturing of all the VOM FASS products, these are elaborated by carefully selected producers, located in quality production areas and who follow strict guidelines of cultivation and using high quality and natural harvesting methods.

The success of Johannes Kiderlen´s attention to customers´ desires and product quality is demonstrated in the over 250 stores in various countries such as: Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Austria, France, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Hungary and, of course, Spain, just to name a few.

It is important to mention that the VOM FASS products have received (and continue to receive) recognition through numerous awards at international tasting and culinary events.

VOM FASS in Spain

How and when did Thomas Hill and Julio C. Hernandez decide to bring VOM FASS to Spain?

In 2008, while living and experiencing life in the fast lane of the North American corporate world in Santa Barbara, California and Montreal, Canada, for over two decades, Thomas and Julio took the decision to make a radical change in their lives: move across the Atlantic and open up the first VOM FASS store on Spanish territory in the beautiful sun-bathed city of Fuengirola in the heart of the Costa del Sol. Thomas as well as Julio, both gourmets par excellence, are familiar and aficionados of the VOM FASS products in part thanks to Thomas´ family who are regular clients and friends of the owners of the VOM FASS store in Bern, Switzerland, city where Thomas was born. It is therefore that on 9 October 2009 the first VOM FASS store in Spain proudly opened its doors to the public on Calle Marbella 6 in the city centre of Fuengirola, Malaga.

We cordially invite you to come visit us, get to know us, share our enthusiasm for our products and while at it, treat yourself to something special.

Thomas Hill and Julio César Hernández Nájera
Owners VOM FASS Fuengirola