The VOM FASS concept

Look - Taste - Enjoy

Our unique VOM FASS concept is based on a simple idea: "Look - Taste - Enjoy".
When visiting your VOM FASS shop Fuengirola you can leisurely browse through our wide selection of oils, vinegars and spirits, and profit from our expertise, sample selected products and then have your desired quantity freshly decanted into one of our various bottles. We will refill them time and again. Our contribution to environmental preservation!

VOM FASS - Buy with passion and appreciation of enjoyment and make others smile, too!

A major part of our success is attributable to the premise:
valuable products should be manufactured only by selected producers: top cultivation areas, optimum care of plants and fruits, incorporation of natural processes, gentle harvesting and processing as well as suitable product storage, are just a few important factors.

Ultimately, it is quality that counts! It is thanks to this philosophy, applied careful practice, that VOM FASS products have won so many awards and garnered so many dedicated and loyal customers!