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Welcome to your VOM FASS shop in Fuengirola


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Visit us and discover the marvellous products of the
VOM FASS world such as:

  • Fine oils, pure and with extracts
  • Balsam Vinegar specialties from Modena and with fruits
  • Delicious fruit and flavoured liqueurs
  • Selection of fine cognacs, calvados, armagnacs and whisk(e)ys of superior quality
  • Exquisit rums and sherries
  • Elegant and personalised gift ideas

In your VOM FASS shop Fuengirola we cordially invite you to:

At your leisure, browse through, read and inform yourself about our products.

Taste the product(s), choose your bottle(s) and stopper(s) and let the desired amount be decanted into your bottle by one of our friendly staff.

Enjoy and share our exceptional products with your family and friends time and again.

We look forward to welcoming you personally in your VOM FASS shop Fuengirola very soon!

Julio César Hernández and Thomas Hill 

C/Marbella, 6 - 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga) - E-mail: info(at)vomfass-fuengirola.es